Tree Care

Proper tree care is the first step in preventing future costly damage. Our tree experts trim trees of all types, sizes and heights in Anne Arundel County and surrounding areas. Keep your trees healthy and beautiful with our list of tree trimming and tree pruning services.

Trees are generally trimmed for one of three purposes: aesthetics, safety or health.

• Aesthetics – Pruning a tree effectively helps to maintain its shape and appearance.

• Safety – Broken or dead branches and limbs can fall off at any time, which is a serious safety hazard and should be addressed sooner rather than later by a tree care professional.

• Health – Regular tree trimming and maintenance helps to ensure the tree is healthy and safe. Thinning of the crown of a tree improves airflow which is very beneficial to the trees health. If you notice that any of your trees branches are crossing over one another or rubbing together contact a tree care professional immediately so they can be trimmed and won’t fall unexpectedly potentially causing damage.

If you want your trees to stay beautiful and healthy year round contact Bay Area Tree Care for all of your tree trimming needs.

Take control of insects and tree diseases by regularly having your trees sprayed. Some tree species are highly targeted by wood destroying insects or various tree diseases. Tree spraying can help control these pests and diseases that wreak havoc on trees.

When to tree spray?

1.) After specifically identifying a pest or tree disease POWERFUL. MARKETING. TECHNOLOGY.

2.) The tree’s damage or potential damage must be sufficient enough to warrant spraying of toxic chemicals

3.) Timing should be right, the life cycle of most insects and tree diseases only offer a small window of opportunity for spray control

Bay Area Tree Care will help evaluate which trees are most susceptible and provide tree spraying services to protect your landscaping efforts.

Like humans, trees require nutrients to live and thrive. When one or more of these nutrients are lacking in the soil, the tree will not reach its full landscape potential. Unfertilized trees will also be more prone to having disease and insect problems as well has having a shorter lifespan than a similar tree who has been well fertilized.

Trees planted in urban and suburban environments are often under high stress conditions due to a variety of factors; low moisture, soil compaction, physical damage, nearby construction, and competition from turf and nearby trees and shrubs. Regular fertilizer applications may help to reduce environmental stresses such as these.

Bay Area Tree Care provides tree fertilization services in Anne Arundel County that can help boost these deficient nutrients in the soil, aid in stronger tree with a longer life and cut back on environmental stressors. Let us help you to keep your yard looking its best year round.

Trees can grow in such a manner that their physical structure can no longer support their own weight. Failure of a large tree branch or trunk can result in property damage, personal injury, or the decline of a tree’s health. Cables and bracing rods are tools tree care specialists use to protect or improve the structural integrity of trees.

Tree cabling and bracing are the two most common forms of structural support for trees.

This involves installing flexible cables or rigid rods to reduce the chances of tree failure.

By cabling and bracing your trees this can reduce the chance of breakdown to a healthy tree with structural weakness, prolong the existence of a damaged tree, or reduce the hazard potential of a tree.

If you believe that your trees require bracing and cabling call Bay Area Tree Care so we can provide a full assessment and treat the trees as necessary.