Storm Damage

We all know that weather in Maryland can be unpredictable. Storms can blow through in the blink of an eye and at anytime of the year without warning. Storms can cause damage to properties such as homes, power lines, commercial buildings and can also cause damage to trees and the urban forest. Tree damage can be dangerous to both you and your home, not to mention, costly to repair. Bay Area Tree Care is prepared to help you deal with the aftermath of adverse weather and help keep your family and home safe.

There are six main types of storm damage to trees:

1) blow­over
2) stem failure
3) crown twist
4) root failure
5) branch failure
6) lightning

Each type of damage is the result of a complex and interactive mix of tree problems and climate.

Often times tree damage is relatively minor resulting in only the smallest branches of the tree being harmed. Usually these types of injuries result in little or no permanent damage to the tree. These damages can be addressed by simply cleaning up broken twigs and branches along with possibly some light pruning to restore a pleasing shape.

More severe storms can deliver major damages to trees such as large broken branches, split crotches, removal of bark and splitting or splintering of the trunk. Storms consisting of strong winds, lightning and heavy ice are the main culprits for these types of damages.

When a tree is severely damaged, the first question that must be answered is: “Is the current condition of the tree good enough to make keeping it worthwhile?”

Take the time and effort to save a tree only if a substantial portion of the tree remains intact and if, when repairs are made, the tree will still be attractive and of value to the property owner.

Assuming the decision has been made to repair the tree, the next question is: “Am I capable of repairing the damage myself or should I seek professional help?”

Unless the tree in question has minor damage your best bet to restore the tree is to have the work performed by a professional.